6,000 km of electric vehicle-ready highways for East African Community

Juba Worldgroup Limited is in process to build 6,000 km of electric vehicle-ready highways for East African Community, The new e-highways are expected to catalyze the development of charging infrastructure, spurring more people to buy electric cars for everyday commutes. JWG Limited is also working to bring Sales of electric cars and buses in East African community Under the flagship of south Sudan Green and industrial revolution 2030.

Electric highways shall be energy-efficient option where the roadway provides electricity to moving vehicles mostly through overhead power lines.

company working on the plan of chairmen Juba world group Limited Juba South Sudan
in first phase it shall be from Mombasa port Kenya to Juba South Sudan to build electric vehicle-ready highways
in a major effort towards reducing fuel consumption and vehicular emissions through electrification of intercity public transport.

This is planned over the next seven years to accelerate the adoption of e-mobility and support the deployment of e-buses across the country. These e-highways would be powered with green energy-enabled charging infrastructure.

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